Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu - How To PREVENT?

Similar to SARS, the Swine Flu (H1N1) can easily be spread by touch/contact & airborne particles! Symptoms include fever, cough, fatique & lack of appetite whereas SARS have additional symptoms of high fever of 38+℃, running nose, shivering, diarrhea & headache.

A. Always wash hands, ensure a good living habit, good sleep at the right time (10pm~4am when the highest dose of melatonin is released), balanced diet, exercise, good ventilation, avoid crowded places like underground & theaters.

B. Most important is to raise one's own immunity by taking supplements (patented, proprietary & clinically proven from our Pharmanex) as follows:
1) LifePak: Anti-oxidant protection with multi-vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients with over 40 antioxidants.
2) g3 Superjuice: unique Lipocarotenes - easily absorbable by human body (bio-available) , supports healthy immune function.
3) ReishiMax: Lingzhi supplement that helps support a healthy immune function. 100% 'Broken-spores' extract, standardized with 6% Tritepenes & 13.5% Polysaccharides. Enhances vitality & energy, protects the liver & lower blood glucose.
4) Tegreen: high concentration of 97% polyphenols (65% catechins such as EGCg & EGC which are among the most potent natural antioxidants). Great cell defense!
5) Colostrum: A most effective way to increase your body's defense by increasing your natural anti bodies to fight possible viruses.
6) Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer: Our our handy, waterless lavender- based hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of the most common germs & bacteria! Unlike other brands, ours is non-drying & doesn't damage nail polish. Cleanses hands on the go! Keep one in your purse, desk drawer & your pocket.
*** FYI, sales of Nu Skin Hong Kong in 2003 (the year of SARS) doubled yoy!
I still remember quite a few of our key supplements like ReishiMax & Tegreen got sold out after floods of phone orders (no one went to the street)!

The BEST way is NOT from outside, it is always without a doubt FROM WITHIN